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The Benefits of Using a Property Sourcer

Property sourcing agents are different from conventional estate agents

First and foremost, let's clear up one common misconception: a property sourcing agent has different objectives and motivations versus an estate agent.
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With that being said, the benefits of using a property sourcer are potentially huge from the perspective of the property investor. 

Although, it's critical to work with good sourcers, and this is why PropSourcer was created – to help investors, existing landlords, mortgage brokers and everything else in between, find a verified UK property sourcing company

All deal sourcers that apply for a listing on PropSourcer must meet our verification requirements. Check out our property sourcer registration process for full details. 

Why use a property sourcer?

Partner with a property market expert that acts on your behalf

The sourcer packages a deal (or multiple deals) that fit your requirements. Upon completing a successful deal, you as their investor client, typically pay them their property sourcing fees. Unlike a traditional property agent, their aim is to source what you the investor wants and not what's on a list to sell where the "seller" pays their fee.

Save countless hours from searching properties alone

A property sourcer knows the game inside out. Their knowledge and expertise in specific areas and property types has taken years to develop. The sourcing agent knows a great opportunity versus a pitfall, and how to drive negotiations to secure the best deal possible for you – which is most likely below market value (BMV).

Leverage a network of contacts otherwise inaccessible

Sifting carefully through Rightmove and Zoopla is a tiring exercise. It's more draining knowing that thousands of other potential buyers are looking to pounce on the same "good deals" that come on and off the market within a matter of days. An expert property sourcer avoids this noise and uses their connections, sales skills and local know-how to identify hidden property gems.

Realise big savings and profit potential

Even after you pay the sourcing agent their property finder fee, you're most often far better off overall. Their intention is to find their client investment property that saves them a lot of money and/or helps them realise excellent long-term profit potential. This is no easy task hence why an expert sourcing agent will carve out these opportunities that are highly likely unknown to the public eye.

Pass on difficult conversations or negotiations

If an you find a property you know is the perfect fit, how do you position an offer? The majority of investors liaise with an estate agent, who wants the highest price possible because that equates to more commission from the seller. They could lower the price slightly, however, a competent property sourcer's bread and butter is squeezing as many pounds as possible out of the asking price. These are often uncomfortable conversations for a typical buyer or investor.

Position property opportunities in a way like no other

There's nothing wrong with being content in purchasing a 'standard' home or buy-to-let investment. Although, what if there was someone who could help deep dive into drastic underlying growth opportunities with other properties? For example, to change a 3-bed house to a 5-bed HMO. Or, a 3-story commercial unit to six 1-bed flats with guidance from their partners on the best income tax structure. This type of research is commonly right up a property sourcer's street, and your chances of stumbling across these deals are extremely unlikely.

Finding a good property deal is hard...

Purchasing any type of property involves a lot of money, whether you're cash-ready or banking on gains above your mortgage interest payments. It's a big decision for anyone, including the high-flying property investor. If they're wanting to buy one or more properties, there's no need to do it alone.

Picture this common scenario:

  • You spend hours, days, weeks, and possibly even months trying to find the best property deal possible.

  • Your resources are limited to local estate agents who only offer property available on their books, and sites like Rightmove or OnTheMarket where thousands of other property-hungry buyers see what you and everyone else see.

  • A property sourcer is motivated and incentivised by you, the buyer – this is different from traditional agents and sites where the commission is due from the seller.

  • Searching our property sourcing agent directory, you find and contact your preferred one – using their network, they find you an off-market deal suited to your requirements and saving you £20,000 from the current value.

  • You pay the property sourcer's fee of £2,500, leaving you with a net saving of £17,500.

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