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Property Sourcer Registration Process

All the steps to get listed as a verified property sourcing agent

We're proud of hosting a service that aims to connect UK property investors with legitimate national property sourcing agents.

An integral part of making this possible is our property sourcer registration process. Every sourcer who's listed on PropSourcer has completed this, and subsequently, they've been manually verified and approved by us*.

Although we cannot guarantee a property sourcing agent is compliant and reputable, having manual verification and approval steps helps reduce the risk of non-compliant and "casual" sourcers from listing with us. This promotes confidence for the property investor or industry professional when contacting a property sourcer, and increases the likelihood that a professional sourcer is on to their case.

Let's walk through the registration process from start to finish, from the perspective of guiding you as the property sourcing agent.

1. Create your account – it's free

Head to our Join page and check out everything you'll get and be able to do as a listed sourcing agent with us. It's FREE to register with us.

You can create a professional profile that aligns with your brand, and you'll appear in our directory under your selected property and location specialties. There's a tonne of other items to take advantage of such as receiving and replying to recommendations, uploading your property deals, posting community articles, hosting events, sharing videos, and a whole lot more. 

See our Join page for full details.

Select Property Sourcer Membership Plan Page

2. Complete the 'Register Profile' form

Our sign-up form requires some basic information to create your account: First Name, Last Name, a valid Email Address, Password, and Billing Information. 

Once you populate the form, select the Create My Profile button.

To login and authenticate in the future, you'll use the email address and password you entered.

You'll get a pop-up message confirming the creation of your account. Please also check your email for a confirmation note (with some further instructions). 

Select the Continue button in the pop-up message. Your new Dashboard page will load, showing the Verify Your Profile form.

Gold Membership Signup Form

3. Submit verification details via the 'Verify Your Profile' form

You'll notice a big red box on your Dashboard, alerting you that your profile is On Hold. This is perfectly normal.

Simply scroll down the same page and notice the Verify Your Profile section. As part of our sourcing agent verification process, we ask each sourcer some questions and request basic information.

Verify Your Profile Page

To approve your verification information, we require you to be:

  • Employed by a UK registered company or operating as a UK registered sole trader
    • An "employee" of a company can mean you're a Director of your own company, or an agent for a larger company run by someone else.
  • A member of one of the UK government-approved redress schemes
  • Registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) as part of the Data Protection Act
    • This relates to how you manage/handle/process personal data. By law, any type of property agent or company must hold an active registration. It can cost as little as £40 per year if your company has less than 10 staff. See the official ICO guidance on Paying a data protection fee – real estate sector.
  • Registered with HMRC for anti-money laundering (AML) supervision
  • In possession of Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance
    • This helps protect you from financial loss in the unlikely event that anyone you work with (e.g. property buyers, sellers, investors, developers, etc.) files a claim against you for alleged negligence or breach of duty. Public Liability insurance should be considered too.
  • Using contracts or agreements with the property parties you're dealing with
    • To engage and run sourcing activities correctly, you should be using your own contracts or agreements for property buyers, sellers, landowners, etc. For example, your documents might include a fee agreement, option agreement, and/or non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

4. Wait for verification confirmation

Upon completing the Verify Your Profile form, you'll receive an email outlining the details you submitted and confirming everything has been sent to us.

Equally, you'll be redirected to the verification confirmation page. This states that your profile is now under review and we'll aim to verify it within 24 hours – this is subject to your details meeting our requirements and nothing being abnormal.

Verification Details Submitted Page

While you wait to be verified, we suggest you to start populating your profile from within your Dashboard page. This is a a required step regardless before we can fully activate your account and publish it on PropSourcer. We don't publish incomplete profiles.

As soon as your account is verified, you'll receive an email confirming this, along with instructions on what to do next. Hint: complete your profile sections.

Note that we perform spot checks on some of the verification information provided, particularly where it's publicly available. For example, Companies House, the Property Redress Scheme and The Property Ombudsman member search, the ICO register, and the HMRC AML Supervised Business Register. 

5. Populate your profile and accept our Referral Agreement

Now that you're verified, if you haven't already done so, then it's time to fill in your profile for with what you'd like investors and other leads to see.

In parallel, we'll send you our Referral Agreement for you to review and sign. The agreement states that you'll pay us a small % of any fees paid to you by a converted lead that was connected or matched with you via any of our services (e.g. our platform, social media, email, newsletter, etc.).

Property Sourcer Profile Details

There are 5 sections you can work through to provide information to your potential clients: 

  • Contact Details
    • The contact information you'd like to share. This might include your company name, phone number, and location (town or city is fine if you'd prefer to define it broadly).
  • Profile Photo
    • Upload your main photo and company logo, along with your cover photo if you have one.
  • Additional Details
    • Select your property specialties and enter your years of experience, credentials, sourcing fee (if preferred), and more.
  • About
    • Share anything else about yourself that you'd like property buyers to know, and that isn't covered in other sections.
  • Locations
    • Enter the locations you specialize in. If a property buyer searches for any of them, you'll appear in their results feed.

When you've finished, we'll review and publish your profile if everything looks OK – we'll notify you via email once done.

6. Get qualified leads and generate more revenue

Your profile is live on PropSourcer – congratulations!

It's now important to stay relevant and keep your profile up-to-date, and of course let us know if any of your verification details change too.

Furthermore, you can contribute additional content in various areas, such as adding property listings, posting articles, videos, events, and more. 

Continue to participate in the community – it will help keep you ahead of the competition and bring you more investor leads!

Property Sourcer Public Profile Page

You should always perform your own due diligence on any UK property sourcing agent that's listed on PropSourcer. When you contact and work with any sourcing agent, you are doing so at your own risk. We do not take any responsibility for any of your activities with a sourcing agent listed on PropSourcer. Our manual verification and approval of a property sourcing agent does not guarantee that they are 100% compliant and devoid of scams. While we try to ensure that all sourcing agents who are listed with us are authentic and compliant, there is a possibility that some are not, and this could result in a sourcing agent performing fraudulent or unethical activities that could lead to lost or mishandled monies and/or information. If you have any questions about this, please contact us. Or, if you notice a non-compliant and/or fraudulent sourcer on our platform, please file a complaint.

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