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Calico Property Group

Experienced deal sourcers that find the best investment opportunities for your tailored search. Working with partners, agents, developers, and private sellers.

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

David France

I deliver high-quality investment property. I'm a dealmaker, investor and author of Amazon best seller 'How to build a property portfolio without the banks'.

Cumbria, England, United Kingdom

Hemal Shah

Connecting and building trust with property investors to deliver exceptional deal flow based on their requirements. All deals are based on real data to demonstrate value.

London, England, United Kingdom

Monarca Properties

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or adding to a portfolio, we have options for you.

Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Sophie Kelly

I only present deals to my investors with a minimum of 20% return on cost. Work with me for quality, trust and the best London deals!

London, England, United Kingdom

Will Robinson

Experienced property sourcer, developer, landlord, project manager and investor with 15 years in property and 20+ years managing large projects and assets for UHNWI.

Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Ross Mackenzie

At Green Property Sourcing we source to order and use our extensive network of property professionals to make all investments as hands-off as you want it to be.

Hornchurch, England, United Kingdom

Stuart Mackenzie

I work closely with investors to find properties that match their requirements. Through my extensive network I can also provide financial, legal and contractual services.

Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

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