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How PropSourcer Works

From the perspective of the property investor and sourcer

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Property investor: how it works

Find a property sourcer or get matched with one

  • From the homepage, select and search for your preferred property and location specialties. We'll list the UK property sourcing agents that meet your search criteria. For example, "find me all property sourcers that specialize in buy-to-let properties in Manchester."
  • Alternatively, go straight to our property sourcer directory: Find a UK Property Sourcer
  • Another method is to request our help and get matched with property sourcing agents based on your property requirements and circumstances.

You can search, view, enquire about and/or get matched with a property sourcer for free and without registering an account.

The profiles you'll see reflect manually reviewed and approved UK property sourcers that have all passed our property sourcer verification process*.

Browse, assess and enquire

  • If you'd prefer to make a direct enquiry, then navigate through the listed UK deal sourcers, selecting one or more profiles to view. You can search, sort and filter further according to multiple criteria, including distance (closest to your location specialty), most recommendations, keywords, and more. Then, hit Send Enquiry on your preferred sourcing agent and complete the form.
  • If you'd rather us connect you with a suitable property sourcer, then complete the sourcer matchmaker form, hold tight, and we'll be following up with you very shortly.
  • For both types of enquiries, you'll be asked to provide us with your detailed property requirements and situation, all captured in the form you're presented with.

Whether you send a direct enquiry or ask us to match you with relevant sourcing agents, they can review all of your property requirements and situation in full (i.e. what you enter in the form).

At which point, if the sourcing agent(s) decides they can and want to help you, they pay an acceptance fee of £23 for immediate access to your contact details. 

Buy / rent a sourced property – closing the deal


Sell your property via the sourcer's private investor network 

All additional activities regarding the property searching and sales process happen outside of PropSourcer. For example, discussions with your chosen sourcer, signing any agreements with them, attending property viewings, supporting pricing negotiations, closing the purchase of a sourced property, and paying the sourcing agent's finder fee.

Provide feedback to help other investors and sourcers

  • To help PropSourcer remain as the number #1 platform for connecting you with the best UK property sourcing agents, make sure to submit a recommendation for your sourcer. Simply select the Write Recommendation button on their profile to get started. Once posted, we'll verify it within 3 working days.

We encourage and accept recommendations on the basis that you have had "notable" discussions with the property sourcer. The discussions do not have to result in a property sale whereby you've paid the sourcer's finder fee. 

It could be that you and the sourcer exchanged some early-stage emails, or held 1-2 meetings about initial requirements or specific opportunities, yet, for whatever reason activities didn't proceed any further.

Property sourcer: how it works

Create a free account and get verified

Register Profile for Free

  • Complete the registration and verification forms, providing the necessary details to help us validate you as a professional property sourcing agent. We'll aim to approve your account within 24 hours.

"Is it really free to sign-up?"  Yes, it is. We earn revenue through a small referral fee upon any fees paid to you by converted leads only, and by facilitating qualified leads for £23 (per accepted lead). You can review a lead's property requirements and enquiry in full, before you decide to accept it and access their contact details.

Prior to submitting any verification details, it's worth checking our property sourcer verification process. This explains what you need to have in place and what we check against, before we successfully verify you.

Complete your profile and accept our referral agreement

  • Populate your profile with all of the required information (and more, if you'd like!) from within your Dashboard. Best to free up around 10 minutes to do it all properly.
  • We only publish complete profiles – any fields marked as "required" need your input. We want your profile to look professional and fully populated. This increases the likelihood of a potential investor contacting you.
  • Review and sign our Referral Agreement to show your commitment to pay us a small referral fee only for converted leads via any of our services.

If you need help completing your profile, we offer a Profile Setup Service to do all the hard work for you. This includes a custom cover image that you can use elsewhere on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

You'll receive our Referral Agreement once we've verified your details and we can see a fully completed profile.

  • Similar to the verification process, we'll aim to review everything here, and then publish your profile within 24 hours.

Get found by investors and source more property

  • Your profile is now live on PropSourcer! Property investors can now find you in our directory. They can send you direct enquires from within your profile, or "match" with you through our sourcing agent matchmaker service.
  • Maintain your profile with any relevant updates and make the most of all the other features. Upload your property deals, get recommendations, share videos, host events, post community articles, and more.

Seasoned and beginner property investors, partners and other industry professionals visit us every day looking for people like you – it's just a matter of time before you're contacted by or matched with investor leads.

Needless to say, there are other UK property sourcing experts listed on PropSourcer too. 

Try to highlight what's best about you and contribute content regularly throughout the platform. Doing so will increase the chances of turning investors into your paying clients. 

Successfully close your sourced property deal

All additional activities regarding your property sourcing and sales process happen outside of PropSourcer. For example, discussions with your client, signing any of your agreements, packaging and presenting deals or purchase offers, driving pricing negotiations, closing the sale or rental of a property, and receiving your finder fee.

You should always perform your own due diligence on any UK property sourcing agent that's listed on PropSourcer. When you contact and work with any sourcing agent, you are doing so at your own risk. We do not take any responsibility for any of your activities with a sourcing agent listed on PropSourcer. Our manual verification and approval of a property sourcing agent does not guarantee that they are 100% compliant and devoid of scams. While we try to ensure that all sourcing agents who are listed with us are authentic and compliant, there is a possibility that some are not, and this could result in a sourcing agent performing fraudulent or unethical activities that could lead to lost or mishandled monies and/or information. If you have any questions about this, please contact us. Or, if you notice a non-compliant and/or fraudulent sourcer on our platform, please file a complaint.

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