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What is property sourcing?

Generally speaking, it refers to the art and process of finding and identifying good-value properties on behalf of property investors. 

A property sourcer, also known as a property finder, deal sourcer buying agent or sourcing agent, acts as an intermediary between investors, estate agents and/or vendors (i.e. the property owners). 

Their primary role is to locate properties that meet the specific investment criteria and objectives of their clients. Deal sourcers typically have extensive knowledge of the local property market with a network, tools and techniques that enable them to source properties that are otherwise very difficult for the average investor to stumble upon. 

The goal of securing a "sourced property" is to save investors time, effort and money, while helping them to maximize their return in the desired fashion.

Property sourcing can come in different shapes and sizes, and there are key differences between property sourcing agents versus estate agents.

What is PropSourcer?

In its simplest form, we showcase trusted UK property sourcing agents, enabling investors to easily find and connect with them. 

Investors use PropSourcer to find experts to source great property deals, while sourcers can be found easily and matched with qualified leads.

For more details, see our How it Works page.

How do you connect investors with sourcing agents?

Via two approaches.

The first way: property investors, developers and service providers search for national deal sourcers based on various criteria (e.g. location and property specialties, recommendations, and more). Once identified, they directly enquire about their preferred property sourcer by completing a detailed form that captures their property requirements and situation.

The second way: investors use our property sourcer matchmaker service. Similarly, they complete a detailed form to provide us with their property requirements and situation, but instead we "match" them with suitable sourcing agents. If requested, we'll also match investors like this who originally sent direct enquiries using the first way and they didn't get a response from their preferred sourcer(s). Up to a maximum of 3 sourcing agents may accept this type of request on a first come first served basis to access the investor's contact details. 

For both methods, the sourcing agent(s) pays an acceptance fee of £23 to access the investor's contact information.

Do you list only compliant UK property sourcers?

When a sourcer applies to get listed with us, they require to pass our unique verification process

Thereafter, we activate their profile in our property sourcing agent directory.

This involves the sourcer completing an online form that asks for basic information about their business setup and practices – we use this information to perform spot checks on most of what's publicly available, and help assess whether the deal sourcer is genuine and compliant according to our own standards.

We also carry out random spot checks on currently listed property sourcers, so that they remain "verified" and compliant according to our standards – i.e. their compliance-related information is up-to-date and still valid.

You should always perform your own due diligence on any UK property sourcing agent that's listed on PropSourcer. When you contact and work with any sourcing agent, you are doing so at your own risk. We do not take any responsibility for any of your activities with a sourcing agent listed on PropSourcer. Our manual verification and approval of a property sourcer does not guarantee that they are 100% compliant and devoid of scams. While we try to ensure that all sourcing agents listed with us are authentic and 100% compliant, there is a possibility that some are not, and this could mean any money or information handled by them is at risk of being mishandled and/or lost. Please contact us if you would like to know more. Or, if you notice a non-compliant and/or fraudulent sourcer on our platform, please file a complaint.

Do you buy or sell properties?

No, we do not buy or sell properties directly. 

Put simply, we showcase UK property professionals that offer sourcing or deal packaging services for their clients and partners.

The Property Deals section of our platform lists UK properties posted by our registered sourcers. 

Can I use your service if I'm based outside of the UK?

Yes, you can.

As a property sourcing expert, you can still register a profile with us if you are physically based outside of the UK. However, you must have an established place of business in the UK (i.e. a UK-registered entity).

As a property investor or industry professional seeking to work with a sourcing company, you can be based anywhere and still send direct enquiries or request our help to get matched with the best deal sourcing agents.

Do I need to register to use your site?

If you’re looking to work with a property sourcing expert, you can use all of our services without needing to create an account or paying for any access. This includes navigating our property sourcer directory alongside sending direct enquiries, and using our deal sourcer matchmaker service.

If you’re a property sourcing professional and you’d like to create a listing with us, then you can register your profile for free. For full details on what’s involved here, please see our property sourcer registration process.

Do you offer sponsorship or can I advertise with you?

Yes – to both sponsorship and advertising.

We're always open to discussions involving relevant partnership, sponsorship and advertising opportunities. Meaning, the topics, services or products are centered around the UK property industry.

If you're interested, please visit our Sponsorship page and send us a message.

What's the best way to contact you?

You can contact us in many ways: via our contact page, Facebook and Instagram (@propsourcer), WhatsApp and phone (+44 20 3576 4730).

Are my billing details safe and secure?

Yes, they are.

All payment transactions via our platform are handled by Stripe – a world-class provider of online payment services. You can learn more about security at Stripe in their documentation. 

Equally, your credit card details are stored securely within your account and certain characters are masked for added protection. You can remove your credit card details at any time.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we do not offer refunds. The only exception is if there is a billing mistake on our side (e.g. a double charge or an incorrect amount charged) which is very rare.

For sourcing agents that accept and purchase qualified leads, we may apply "credits" to their account equivalent to the purchase price of the lead, in the event of the following:

  • The lead is uncontactable upon attempting to contact them via phone and email several times over the course of 3 working days.
  • The lead is someone you have already worked with previously (e.g. an existing investor or partner).
  • Upon initial consultation, the lead's request does not appear related to what you initially reviewed and accepted, and it's clear you cannot help them.

The balance of any "credits" in the sourcing agent's account is deducted first from any purchases thereafter. For example, if 23 credits (or £23) is the balance, then the next lead accepted is free of charge.

Where can I find my payment history?

You can see all of your payment history and any active subscriptions in the Billing Details section located in your Account Dashboard.

Are you able to provide invoices?

Yes, invoices are automatically generated upon any payment transaction you make in PropSourcer.

For all product and services transactions, you can find all related invoices in the Billing Details section of your Account Dashboard.

If at any time you would like to request an invoice manually for any given reason, contact billing@propsourcer.com. We'll send you the invoice as long as we're able to link it to a transaction in our records.

How do I suggest a guest for the show?

We are always keen to chat with different players in the industry, and we love introductions!  If you know of someone who wants to be involved, please contact us with more information.

What is the members podcast?

THT+ Members get access to the Members Podcast Feed, which features episodes 2 weeks earlier than the public podcast, no advertisements, and bonus episodes that you wont hear on the main podcast.  It can be heard via the Talking HealthTech website or via your favourite podcast player through the member dashboard.

What is the podcast?

The Talking HealthTech Podcast is a show that features conversations with key players and decision makers to promote innovation and collaboration for better healthcare enabled by technology.

It is available on all major podcast providers (Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher etc) and features multiple episodes per week.

Click here to listen to the show.

How do you advertise on the show?

Contact us and we will provide you more information on some of the advertising and sponsorship options available.

Can you help us start our own podcast?

Yes! We do provide support for companies to help them get their own podcast idea off the ground.  Get in touch with us to speak about our "branded podcasts" offering.

What if I find something that needs to be updated on the glossary?

We love feedback! If you spot anything that needs to be updated on the glossary, please report the page to us so we can fix it up.

What's the benefit of getting listed as a trusted property sourcer?

As a verified deal sourcer listed with us, you'll be found easily; gain more credibility; generate qualified investors leads, and ultimately increase the chances of growing your sales organically.

People and businesses looking for property sourcing pros can approach you with more confidence knowing you're compliant according to our unique verification criteria.

There's a lot more to it. For full details, check out our Join page.

How do I get listed in your property sourcing company directory?

First, make sure you can pass our verification criteria.

If you do: create your property sourcer profile for free, and work through the registration process. It takes about ~2 minutes to initially create a profile, and then a further ~5 minutes to submit your verification details.

The final steps are to populate your public profile fully and acknowledge our referral agreement.

For a step-by-step guide from start to finish, you can view our property sourcer registration process.

How many qualified leads and clients will I get?

It depends on many factors such as the market demand for your property and location specialties, the quality of your profile, recommendations, how easy it is to find you in our property sourcing company directory, how often you "match" with investors using our sourcer matchmaker service, and more

One thing is guaranteed though: hundreds of investors and industry professionals browsing PropSourcer every month, all looking to work with UK property sourcing companies.

How do you define a "qualified" lead?

We capture a prospective investor lead the moment they send you a direct enquiry via your profile, or use our matchmaker service.

In both cases, the lead first completes a detailed form containing all their property requirements, situation and circumstances. Upon that information arriving to us, we carefully review it and do our best to ensure it's legitimate.

If we're in doubt, we'll contact the lead with any questions to alleviate our concerns or to get more clarification.

We're confident that most investors who submit their property requirements and situation to us, have the intent to take action sooner or later. If we sense a "time waster", we'll kindly close the lead without offering it to any property sourcer.

In any case, if you're offered a qualified lead, you can check all of their responses (via the form) before deciding to connect with them. And, you can always ask us questions about a particular lead if you need more clarity. We will do our best to obtain more details for you.

What's the difference between a direct lead and an indirect lead?

A direct lead is someone who enquires about your services "directly" via your profile page.

An indirect lead is someone who requests our help to connect with relevant property sourcers, and we've manually "matched" them with you. Indirect leads are typically captured by either:

  • using our sourcing agent matchmaker service;
  • or, as part of a direct enquiry to a different sourcer – where that sourcer did not "accept" the lead within 24 hours, and the lead informed us to match them with other relevant sourcing agents. In essence, this is a direct lead that becomes an indirect lead.

We commonly match an indirect lead with any suitable sourcing agents that fit their property requirements (e.g. a sourcer's property and location specialties). This could be just you, or you and several other sourcing agents. Up to a maximum of 3 sourcing agents are able to accept an indirect lead, which gives you/them immediate access to the lead's contact details.

Occasionally, a lead may submit multiple direct enquiries to different sourcers. This means it's still a direct lead and is therefore available to accept by the intended sourcers within 24 hours. We do not prevent a direct lead from being accepted by the sourcer the lead enquired about, unless the 24-hour timeframe has passed.

If a lead sends multiple direct enquiries to other sourcers and just one sourcer accepts it, this lead does not become an indirect lead. The only exception is if the lead later expresses a preference to partner with a different sourcer.

What if I don't want to accept a qualified lead?

You can either "decline" it without a comment from within your dashboard and this notifies us you don't want it. Or, you can simply reply to our qualified lead email notification you'll receive upon being offered it, mentioning that you do not wish to accept it.

If we receive a "decline" without comments, then we let the lead know that you were either unavailable / missed / declined / wasn't a good match for them on this occasion.

Otherwise, if you reply to the email with a specific reason why you're declining it, then we'll share that reason with the lead if you'd like us to.

If it's a direct lead and you don't accept it within 24 hours (excluding weekends) or you decline it, then it may become an indirect lead where we offer the lead's enquiry to other relevant sourcing agents, permitting the lead has given us consent to do so.

Regardless, declining a lead is perfectly understandable for a variety of reasons, and so there is no expectation for you to purchase any qualified leads.

Do I have to pay for qualified investor leads?

Direct and indirect qualified leads cost £23 each to "accept".

Initially, you're able to review a lead's full property requirements and situation at no cost – this is essentially all of the answers they provide in the detailed form they submit.

Then, if you decide to accept the lead, you'll get immediate access to their contact details. 

Direct leads must be accepted within 24 hours otherwise we inform the lead that you're either unavailable, missed the request or declined it.

Indirect leads will remain available to you if they have not been accepted by up to a maximum of 3 sourcing agents (or less, if they were matched with just 1 or 2 sourcing agents). However, generally speaking, the longer a lead remains available, the less likely they are to convert a deal for you.

We have a refund policy and in the event of certain situations occurring such as uncontactable leads, we may apply "credits" to your account equivalent to the lead price. For more information see the Billing FAQ section.

Why is the lead status "Sold Out"?

This means a lead was offered to you, but it's no longer available to you because of one of the following reasons:

  • The lead enquired about you directly, but you did not accept it within 24 hours. Therefore it was offered to additional sourcers and up to a maximum of 3 of those sourcers have accepted it.
  • The lead enquired about you directly, but you did not accept it within 24 hours, and neither did anyone else when it was offered to them after. Therefore we've informed the lead their request is closed and no one is able to help them on this occasion.
  • The lead used our "matchmaker" service where we match them with suitable property sourcers (including you), and up to a maximum of 3 other sourcers have accepted the lead already.
  • The lead used our "matchmaker" service where we match them with suitable property sourcers, and none of those sourcers (including you) have accepted it. Therefore we've informed the lead their request is closed and no one is able to help them on this occasion.

If you have any queries or concerns about a particular lead that's sold out, simply contact us and let us know.

Do I have to pay to list properties, share videos, create events and publish articles?

No, as a professional property sourcer, there are no fees to create and publish relevant content throughout our platform.

Are there any other fees I should be aware of?

A small referral fee applies to any fees paid to you by a PropSourcer converted lead. This creates a “win-win” scenario for you and us.

For example, you'll only pay the referral fee after you're paid first by the investor you've done business with for your own sourcing services. Needless to say, we're referring to converted leads only, meaning those that find/connect/match with you via PropSourcer.

We share the details of our referral agreement towards the end of the registration process.

Are you able to create my profile for me?

Yes, we can do this for you upon you passing our verification checks. 

We charge a small fee of £49 for this service. You can place an order for this service directly from within your Account Dashboard. Scroll to the bottom of your Dashboard and you’ll see the “Profile Setup” product. 

Once you’ve placed the order, we’ll have your professional profile ready within 24 hours.

What do I need to be considered a “compliant” UK property sourcer?

Depending on who you speak to, the answers might be different because there is no official “property sourcing” representative body, government regulations or guidance.

However, typically the requirements match those of a professional real estate agent (of which there are official regulations and guidance on).

From our perspective, we've taken most of what real estate agencies need, but with our own spin of what constitutes a compliant UK property sourcer / sourcing company.

See our property sourcer verification process for full details.

Can I use your service if I'm based outside the UK??

Yes. Our only requirement is that you have an established place of business in the UK (i.e. a UK-registered entity) since that's what we run our verification checks against.

Is my profile searchable and viewable by members and guests?

Yes, all published property sourcer profiles are searchable and viewable by our public audience. No registrations or memberships are required to search, find and connect or match with you as a listed property sourcing agent.

Who can list as a property sourcer?

Any individual or company that offers UK property sourcing services, and is compliant according to our property sourcer verification criteria.

You can choose an individual or company profile listing. There are pros and cons to each listing type, but as long as you are published on PropSourcer, you'll be visible to our audience of local and international investors looking for property sourcing services. Equally, you'll be available to get matched with any investors requesing help via our matchmaker service.

Can I modify or delete my account and profile?

Yes, you can modify or delete your account and profile details at any time via your Account Dashboard.

Deleting your account will remove all of your details entirely from PropSourcer. Upon doing so, you will not be able to restore your account or profile.

How can I find a UK property sourcer?

Start from the homepage by selecting your preferred property and location specialties (e.g. HMO + Manchester), and then you’ll see a list of property sourcers matching your search criteria. You can refine your search results by adding keywords, sorting by distance to location, most recommendations, and more.

Do I have to pay to access your directory or use your services?

No, it’s entirely free to search, find and contact property sourcers via our platform. Furthermore, there's also no cost to use our sourcing agent matchmaker service.

Are all the property sourcing agents and companies I see compliant?

When a property sourcing agent registers to get listed with us, they require to pass our verification process before we activate their profile listing.

This involves the sourcer completing an online form that asks for basic information about their business setup and practices – we use this information to help assess whether or not the sourcer is genuine and compliant according to our standards, and we perform spot checks on most of the data they provide. 

We also perform random spot checks on currently listed property sourcers, to help ensure they remain "verified" and compliant according to our standards – i.e. their compliance-related information is up-to-date and still valid.

While we strive to make sure all sourcers listed with us are 100% compliant, there is always a possibility that one or more are not compliant. This could result in the mishandling of any information or money you provide to them. Please do your own due diligence before you engage in any transactions with them.

Can you help put me in touch with a property sourcer directly?

Yes, we can. We offer a property sourcer referral service – you initially provide us with all your property requirements and circumstances, and then we offer those details to the most relevant sourcing agents that can likely help you.

Simply complete either the "Buying", "Renting" or "Selling" form on the sourcer matchmaker page and we'll review your property requirements and situation.

We'll match you with the most suitable property sourcers, and up to a maximum of 3 sourcers are able to "accept" your request. To do so, the sourcing agent(s) first reviews all of your property requirements and situation, then they pay £23 to access your contact details.

If something doesn't work out, you can let us know via email at any time, and we'll try to assist you further.

Why didn't the sourcing agent I enquired about contact me?

There are many reasons why this might happen. 

It could be as simple as the sourcing agent missing your enquiry by mistake, or being unavailable due to fulfilling investor requirements elsewhere. On the other hand, the sourcer may have carefully reviewed all your requirements and situation, but they felt they're not in the best position to help you.

Where possible and when/if we're notified, we do our best to share the reasons why a sourcing agent didn't take action on your request. This largely depends on the sourcing agent in question letting us know and they consent us share their reasons with you.

If a sourcer you directly enquire about does not accept your request within 24 hours (excluding weekends) or they decline it, then, providing you have given us consent, we’ll match you with other suitable sourcing agents that might be able to help instead (where possible). Although, we'll only do this if you're left without any sourcing agent having accepted your request. E.g. if you directly enquired about 3 sourcing agents and none of them accepted your request.

Do my detailed enquiries go directly to the sourcing agents?

For quality purposes, we first manually review all enquiries, whether they are direct to your preferred sourcer(s), or indirect (via our matchmaker service). We try and ensure that sourcing agents have a legitimate enquiry to review and avoid wasting their time.

If we need further clarification on your property requirements, situation or other information provided, we'll contact you. We'll also let you know if we won't be passing on your enquiry to a respective sourcing agent.

When/if we feel your enquiry is genuine, we share it in full with the relevant sourcing agent(s). They're able to review everything before deciding to accept your request. At which point, the sourcer(s) pays an introducer fee of £23 for immediate access to your contact information.

Do you have any UK property deals available?

See our Property Deals section – it lists properties posted by our registered deal sourcing experts.

If you subscribe to our mailing list, then as part of our monthly newsletter or on an ad-hoc basis, we'll often share a selection of these off-market property deals with you.

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