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Get listed and found by hundreds of property investors

  • Generate qualified leads and source more properties
  • Reach active investors wanting to buy/sell
  • Share your best property deals with our investor list
  • Improve your business reputation and credibility
  • Identify as a "trusted" property sourcing professional
  • Increase your brand exposure and sales outreach

Joining was a no-brainer for us

Kirsty Welford, Property Fit – Manchester

“ Joining PropSourcer was a no-brainer for us. It gives us additional exposure and enables us to showcase our capabilities very easily in a trusted marketplace. 

I sourced a property within a few months

Dan Cooper, these4walls Property – Hull

“ Within a few months, I was approached by multiple investors and people wanting to work with me. I sourced a property for one investor shortly after, all thanks to PropSourcer establishing the connection. 

Investors want you to help them buy and sell UK property

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True deal sourcers that act on my behalf

Kin L.H., Global Property Investor – Hong Kong

“ I can now identify legitimate property sourcers. As a foreign investor, I've found local experts that act on my behalf to get deals that are otherwise impossible to come by. 

An extremely powerful tool for investors

Hayley Andrews, Property Expert & Developer, Your Freedom Empire – Dudley

“ An extremely powerful tool for investors looking for quality and compliant sourcing agents! It’s easy to navigate and has a great user experience. 

We've gained new leads and connections

Nathan Babundo, Progress Property Services – London

“ We're very happy we've registered with PropSourcer – it's a simple yet effective platform that's brought us new leads and notable connections, and their support is excellent. 

For serious property sourcing professionals

Robert Price, Pear Property – Cardiff

“ Creating a listing with PropSourcer is a must-do task if you're serious about the sourcing market. It's an easy way to promote your company and connect with more investors who are essentially looking for you. 

Plug in to our audience and remove many marketing hurdles 

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Amazing exposure to the right audience

Keyko Investments – Aberdeen

“ PropSourcer has given us amazing exposure to the right audience. They ensured we were properly accredited and met the criteria to be a trusted property sourcer. We look forward to working with them further. 

I've connected with great sourcing pros

John C., UK Property Investor and Partner – Singapore

“ Quick and easy with a great community of sourcing pros. I've been able to connect with several sourcers who've helped position various buy-to-let and serviced accommodation opportunities in Northern England. 

Win more clients and amplify your income

Allow investors to connect with you

Rather than continually searching for your next client, let them come to you. Active buyers, sellers and partners are browsing PropSourcer for specialists like you to help land their next deal. List your individual or company profile, and investors will enquire about you directly.

Show your credentials and gain trust

Property investors face a daunting task when partnering with a new property sourcing agent. How can you be trusted? Where's your social proof? Are you compliant? That's where we come in – let your potential clients perform their due diligence quickly and easily.

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Boost your marketing with ease

Create your professional profile on PropSourcer and be seen globally by a wide range of potential customers, all looking for a UK property sourcer. Spend more time packaging deals and far less time cold calling, scanning online groups, and sending "hit and hope" messages to people who don't know you.

Stand out from the crowd

Differentiate from other UK property sourcing agents. Post properties and articles, share videos, host events, and invite existing clients to post recommendations. Build immediate trust and demonstrate your expertise to potential investors and partners, giving them assurance that you're the right person to work with.

Be part of an exclusive community

Not only will you get more qualified leads and improve your credibility, but you'll also have access to like-minded people in the property industry to freely trade ideas, refer clients, discuss joint ventures and share market trends with.

Scale your business effectively

As your property network and business grow through us showcasing your profile and content, you can dedicate more time to serving your new clients, increasing revenue, and working on the next exciting property deals.

  • Membership Features
    • £ FREE
    • No credit card or payment required

    • Get Started > Join
    • Get found by investors in our directory
    • Direct qualified leads (via your profile)
    • Indirect qualified leads (via our "Matchmaker" service)
    • Share your best property deals
    • List in up to 6 locations
    • List in up to 6 property specialties
    • Professional profile page
    • Individual agent or company listing
    • "Verified" badge on profile page
    • Profile dashboard with statistics
    • Get recommended by clients/partners
    • Post responses to your recommendations
    • Create and host events
    • Share videos of properties or marketing materials
    • Write and publish your own articles
    • Featured in newsletters + social media
    • Sponsorship and advertising opportunities
    • Access to private sourcing community and events
    • Discounts on our growth products and services
    • Post job adverts *coming soon*
    • Get Started > Join

All the features explained to help you succeed

Get found by property investors

We strive to get you noticed as a trusted sourcing pro. Our core offering is the ability for property investors, partners, financiers and other industry professionals to find you via the property sourcer search results. You'll appear in them at any time you match the search criteria.

Qualified direct leads

Property investors often send direct enquiries via the sourcing agent's profile. They complete a detailed form that captures all their property requirements and circumstances. You can review all of the lead's responses, and then decide if you want to accept the lead to get their contact details.

Qualified indirect leads

Investors also use our "Matchmaker" service to pair them with trusted property sourcers. We qualify indirect leads in a similar way to direct leads, and then match them with relevant sourcers. If that's you, you can review all of the lead's responses and decide if you want to accept it.

List in up to 6 locations

Select up to 6 cities or towns as your property location specialties. This enables you to show in the search results for any of those places, in addition to other areas within 50 miles. Any locations you add will also display on your public profile.

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List in up to 6 property specialties

Sourcing agents typically specialise in different types of properties for their clients, such as BTL, BRRR, R2R and/or R2SA. You can setup your profile to show 6 property categories you have knowledge and expertise in. You'll appear in the listings if an investor looks up those categories.

Professional profile page

Have a quick look at the deal sourcing agents already listed with us – their profiles look pretty good, right? You can have a profile like this too with your own personal touch. As well as standard info, you can add a quote, logo, social media links, and a write-up about yourself.

Individual agent or company listing

Do you prefer being known to our global audience as an individual or a company? Well, you can create a profile listing in the form of either. There are pros and cons to each listing type – sometimes it's just personal preference. The great news is you have a choice.

"Verified" badge on profile page

You've put in the effort to register and show us you're a trusted UK property sourcer. To return the favour along with us listing you in our sourcing agent directory, we'll ensure everyone knows you're verified. This will be clearly visible on the search pages and your profile.

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Profile dashboard with statistics

Manage all your content in one place and see detailed breakdowns of how many visitors your profile is attracting. Get monthly and daily stats across sections like generic profile views, clicks to your social media pages, website, phone number, and contact form.

Recommendations from clients and partners

Word of mouth is everything. Is there a better way to showcase your expertise versus getting recommendations on the board? Your count of recommendations will display in the search results and in your profile. Equally, investors can read them fully via your profile.

Reply to your recommendations

Display your appreciation to clients by responding to their recommendations. This helps build even more confidence for visitors and your potential clients. They'll see your responses under the related recommendations in your profile, in addition to the Recommendations section.

Share your best property deals

Want to share your property opportunities with a large audience of global investors? We can advertise your deals securely via our platform and email list. Simply share your best property deals with us, we'll drum up interest, and then pass you a committed investor enabling you to seamlessly complete the transaction. 

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Create and host public or private events

Got any interesting upcoming events? Let our entire audience see the details and register through any link you provide. Events appear in your profile and in our Community Events section. We also share upcoming events in our newsletters.

Share videos of properties or marketing materials

YouTube links and the rest. Any videos you'd like to share to increase your sales outreach can be published in a matter of seconds. Add the video link with a description, and it's there in your profile under the "Videos" tab.

Write and publish your own articles

Show potential investors your capabilities through writing articles and sharing knowledge. You can also link to your own websites and social media to improve search engine rankings. Your write-ups will appear in your profile and our Community Articles section.

Feature in newsletters and social media

Get featured in various ways through our newsletters, social media and other content we produce for investors worldwide to see. This could be your properties, videos, articles, events or even just a quick showcase of your profile. 

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Sponsorship and advertising opportunities

Take advantage of our growth services designed to get you more exposure. For example, "Feature in the Sourcing Growth Column" and "Social Media advertisement". We also offer custom sponsorship and advertising opportunities only for deal sourcers listed with us.

Access to private sourcing community and events

Our property sourcing community, social media following and email list are already significant in numbers. You'll have the freedom to contribute to and learn from community discussions, and participate in various events where you'll meet other like-minded property professionals.

Discounts on our digital products and services

We run promotions on our digital products and services. They're all geared towards boosting your brand and generating more investor leads. We're gradually introducing more services and you'll be eligible for discounts on all of them.

Post job adverts for vacancies in your team

Coming soon – We don't intend to become another recruitment site. But, given the UK property sourcing community here is getting larger as you read this, it's another useful spot to share any jobs you have available to help you build your business further.

Frequently asked questions

  • How does it work?

    Create a free account > verify your details > populate your profile and agree to our terms. The whole process will take you ~10 minutes to complete. If you pass our verification checks and everything else looks good, we’ll publish your profile within 24 hours. Investors can find you easily based on various search criteria. You'll benefit from a whole lot more than just a profile listing. See our How It Works page for more details.

  • How many qualified leads and clients will I get?

    It depends on many factors such as the demand for your property and location specialties, the quality of your profile, recommendations, how easy it is to find you in our property sourcing company directory, and how often you're matched with investors that use our sourcing agent matchmaking service. One thing is guaranteed: hundreds of people on PropSourcer every month looking to work with UK deal sourcing pros.

  • Do I have to pay for anything?

    You’ll pay a 10% referral fee of any fees paid to you by a PropSourcer converted lead. This creates a “win-win” scenario for you and us. Secondly, after registering, you can choose our “free leads” or “paid leads” plan. The free leads plan is £59/pm, and the paid leads plan is £23 per qualified lead. Either way, you're able to review a lead's full property requirements and situation at no cost. Then, you'll get immediate access to their contact details if/when you accept the lead.

  • Are there any fees to buy qualified leads?

    It depends on your membership. Upon registering, you’re automatically subscribed to our “paid leads” plan. It's £23 to "accept" (or purchase) a qualified lead. First, you can fully evaluate the quality of the lead. You can see everything except their contact details, which you will get immediate access to upon accepting the lead. Alternatively, you can join our “free leads” plan for £59/pm and accept an unlimited number of leads for no cost. In any case, you’ll receive direct and indirect leads. See our main FAQ page to learn more.

  • How do you qualify your investor leads?

    While we can't guarantee lead quality, every investor lead completes a detailed questionnaire to illustrate their property requirements and circumstances. We always verify their phone number and email address, and we carefully review all their responses before forwarding or matching them to the relevant sourcing agent(s). If we're unsure about anything, we'll clarify or ask the investor and get meaningful feedback before proceeding any further. You can also check a lead's responses in full before deciding to connect with them, and we have a refund policy that an accepted lead may be eligible for if it meets certain criteria. See our main FAQ page for more details.

  • What do I need to be a “compliant” UK property sourcer?

    Since there are no official guidelines, we have our own unique criteria we measure against. See our Property Sourcer Verification Process for full details. Note that every property sourcer we publish on our site has passed this process according to our capabilities to check and validate what we're able to.

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