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Smart Property Company Structures

Get the best setup for your UK property portfolio

via Property118

An effective property tax and company setup could help you...

  • Offset costs as expenses against rental income
  • Prevent you or future generations paying inheritance tax at 40%
  • Avoid paying personal income tax when taking out capital from any of your properties
  • Pay corporation tax only on retained profits

This is not about loopholes or dodging tax. Instead, it's about using perfectly legal structures that your financial advisor or accountant may never make you aware of.

It's far from straightforward stuff, and that's why there are qualified professionals – with the right help, it can be a simple exercise to complete that saves you a fortune now and later.

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We've partnered with Property118 (in association with Cotswold Barristers) to help more UK property investors get the most out of their money.

Established in 2016, Property118 is a popular UK property forum and news site where UK landlords, investors and property agents share best practices.

Through Cotswold Barristers, a legal consulting company specialising in UK property, they're able to offer highly effective property tax planning strategies to get the best possible returns on your property portfolio.

Download the Ultimate Guide to Landlord Tax Planning

Property118 have produced a free guide on UK property tax planning. 

Get it today and learn from real case studies, analysis, and tips about how you can maximise profits from your own portfolio.

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